What are the benefits of using nursing pillows?

Nursing pillows have become a very prominent item in modern-day new mothers’ inventory. If you are an expectant mom or have plans to visit a newborn baby, buying a nursing pillow would be a very smart idea. With that said, let’s find out why it is so important to have a nursing pillow.


  1. A good nursing pillow can ease the pressure on your back, neck and even the shoulders

During the first couple of months, your baby will need plenty of feeding on a frequent basis. Some babies need to be fed about ten times a day. Also, one feeding session can last for about an hour. In other words, you will be sitting down and nursing your little one for a considerable amount of time. So, things can be really uncomfortable if you don’t take the required measures. After all, you are already having some other issues to worry about so there must be a way to make things more comfortable. In that case, nothing can beat the assistance of a good nursing pillow. Nursing pillows are designed to hold your baby at the perfect height for your breast and therefore, you don’t have to strain your shoulders. Also, you can maintain a solid, straight posture without straining your back. End of the day, nursing pillows let your shoulders, neck and back to be relaxed until you feed the baby.


  1. Nursing pillows can be used even with bottle-fed babies

Did you know that nursing pillows are not just for breastfed babies? The truth is that these nursing pillows can be used for bottle-fed babies as well. In fact, bottle feeding becomes a more intense experience for some moms, especially on their backs and shoulders. So, investing in a pillow is a great idea to experience the comfort you deserve as a mom.


  1. Nursing pillows are ideal for those who recover from C-section

If you have undergone a C-section and recovering, things can be more difficult for you when feeding the baby. However, with a good nursing pillow, you can make it a pretty comfortable experience (the pillow keeps a comfortable buffer between the C-sectioned area and the baby when feeding).


  1. Nursing pillows improve latching

Since nursing pillows hold babies at the right amount of height for breastfeeding, you can experience an improved latching with the baby.


  1. Nursing pillows have other users as well

Nursing pillows can also be used for tummy time as well. However, this should be done under supervision. In addition to that, it can be used to prop the baby when she is getting older.


What to look for when shopping around for a nursing pillow?

Here are some important things to consider when shopping for a nursing pillow.

  • It must be firm but not too firm. The pillow must take the shape of your body. However, it also must be able to tolerate the weight of the baby.


  • It is compulsory that the nursing pillow must be made out of hypoallergenic materials. Also, they must be made out of non-toxic materials.


Besides, the cover of the nursing pillow must be removable and machine-washable.