How to take care of your baby’s nails?

Taking care of the nails of your baby can be a challenging task. Many parents have various concerns about it. Well, the truth is that your baby’s nails are very soft and they are more pliable compared to yours. However, you must not make a single mistake because they are very sharp. Moreover, newborns don’t have proper control over the limbs and therefore, their nails can end up causing scratch marks on her or your face. So, trimming their fingernails properly is exceptionally important.


In general, their fingernails grow at an incredible speed so you may have to cut them frequently. Well, how can you trim your baby’s nails carefully? How can you avoid potential damages to those little fingers?


Important: One of the most important things, in this case, is that you shouldn’t use adult-sized nail clippers. Instead, use a special nail clipper which is designed solely for babies. Otherwise, you will end up causing damage to the fingers.


The best time to start clipping her nails is when she is asleep. Also, you can consider doing it right after her bath because at that time the nails tend to be very soft.


Make sure that there is an adequate amount of light so you will see her nails properly. You can use baby nail clippers or pair of baby scissors to get it done. Be sure to hold her hand firmly during the clipping.  If you can get someone to assist the process that would be great!


Cut the nails following the curve of the finger. When it comes to toenails, cut them straight. To smooth the potential rough edges, you can use an emery board as well. During the first couple of weeks, however, you are supposed to use an emery board only considering the softness of the fingernails of the baby.


If the baby wakes up during the process or if you start it while she is awake, it is best to get the assistance of your partner to do hold her hands. If not, your partner can distract the baby so she will not wiggle too much.


Some parents don’t want to use nail clippers during the early days. Instead, they tend to bite the nails off. However, this is a pretty risky process because you can end up introducing germs from your mouth into any invisible cuts that are on the fingers of the baby. Also, biting can go wrong at any moment and tear off the nails causing more harm than good. So, avoid doing that and use a recommended nail clipper.


What to do in the event of bleeding?

If you end up causing a tiny cut on her fingers, don’t panic or start kicking yourself. It is normal for many parents. All you need to do is to rinse the tiny wound with some cool water and wrap a tissue gently around her finger. Apply gentle pressure on the wound so the bleeding will stop.