Benefits associated with baby pillows

There is no shortage of doubts linked to the requirement of a baby pillow. Does a baby actually require a baby pillow? If yes, when should you introduce it to your baby? Well, some parents say that the babies don’t require a pillow while many parents say otherwise.


When is the right time to introduce a baby pillow?

The body parts of a newborn are perfectly aligned. Therefore, the requirement for a pillow is not there. Nevertheless, when the child grows old, say, by the third month, she is strong enough to raise her head. Even the spine is ready to bend forward to support her sitting milestone. This can be the right age to introduce a baby pillow as it helps the natural bend of the spine.


However, when choosing a baby pillow, you must choose a product with the correct height. The appropriate height must of 3cm approximately and it should be heightened as the baby grows. The pillow must be wider at least to exceed the shoulder width of the baby so the baby will get appropriate support.


Benefits of using a pillow for your baby

There are several benefits associated with baby pillows and we discuss below.


  • To avoid flat-head

In general, newborns have delicate scull. Babies usually sleep for many hours (maybe up to 18 hours). So, the sleeping position of the baby can affect the shape of the skull. If the baby lies on her back for long hours, flat-head can occur. However, specially designed baby pillows can address this issue very effectively. They can provide just the right amount of support and height so the baby will position the head comfortably. As a result, the baby can stay away from the flat-head syndrome.


  • Perfect temperature distribution

Since newborns sleep for many hours, heat can generate under the head and make them comfortable particularly during summers. If you use a pillow under her head, she will feel more comfortable because the head is in an elevated position. Also, baby pillows are manufactured with perfectly breathable materials to support this concept.


  • Better blood circulation

During the first year of child life, the development should be looked after carefully. Their brain development happens so rapidly during this stage and to facilitate that, you must ensure better blood circulation to the head. With the use of a good baby pillow, you can do this. However, not all the pillows you find in the market don’t support good blood flow. Therefore, it is important to buy a pillow that is specifically designed to match the purpose. That means you should buy a pillow that doesn’t disturb the natural posture of the baby. Instead, it should facilitate the baby to maintain the natural position more comfortably.


Interestingly, some parents assume that hard pillows make the skulls of the baby tougher. However, this is not true. It can affect the development of the baby when a hard pillow is used for a pretty long period. So, it is ok to use a baby pillow and if you are still not sure about it, you may contact your baby’s pediatrician.